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Picture Whoring (stamped)


Me and a_dead_lois (aka Jess) before going out and getting groped by 40 year old men named Gino. It's a pre-emptive scream.

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i love the first and last pictures. you're both so pretty. :)
Thank you. That's why the freaky Ginos and short "i'm in the band" guys approach us in life. And at bars. So it happened the one time, it was free drinks and ass grabs.
can I hang out with you guys sometime ?

greaatt!! thuper fun.. call me! TEEHEEHEEHEE
The resolution in that last picture is so damn good. It looks like your face is going to pop out and attack me with it's charmingness haha.
But I already did. And that's why a million people told you they loved you today, because you're a hottie.
And I'm stoned.