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i'm horny, i wanna ride your pony, the one made out of bologna

o yes, it is the nexopia collage theme.

ok, just to give this some meaning, let me tell you about the kid in the top hat. i don't actually know him (but rachel(sc3n3wh0re)) does. and she has a lot of stories.

here is my favorite!!

so rachel is at some show w. billy and the lost boys, and eric is creepily there, lurkin in the corners. anyway so after the show he wanders off, and comes back, and this kid neil is like where did you go, and he said "oh i was just over there talking to billy" (as in billy and the lost boys) all being nonchalant like that.

rachel+friends: "huh what??!?"
eric: "yeah she's really nice to her you should talk to her some time"..."yah i told her i was interested in producing... i asked her if they had anyone on board for any future videos, and she said she'd like to hear my ideas... so that's pretty cool i guess. whatevvvv" (direct quote from eric told by rachel to me)

lololol he is so cool and everything. but also incredibly gay. and not cool.

so then later ( as in days or sumthing ) eric is all in class chizzilin listen to his headphones cuz he is punk and doesnt care what anybody else thinks. this kid was like WAT U LISTENIN 2? n eric is all "her shirt" and points towards rachel's breasts which happen to be covered with a shirt that said billy and the lost boys. cuz he is too cool to say the name out loud AND ALSO he wanted to establish a connection between rachel and himself since she is hot and he looks like a chipmunk. and also a "who" (one of those things from how the grinch stole christmas)

so then he says.
"yeah, they're a pretty good band i guess... i might produce one of their videos later... should be fun, billy's a nice kid..."

lolol i think he is 15 lolol

sometimes people need to die ASAP

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